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Cloud service for field teams monitoring is mobile & web software that tracks the activities of the employees while they are working outside the office. MOLP brings employee collected data and relevant KPI to management in real-time and with daily inflow to do right decisions based on reports. It saves money, time and speeds up the efficiency of working processes in the company.

Track smart

Fast and Efficient

Molp not only tracks parameters like time, location, visits at customers or locations but also offer options to collect other strategical information where companies are losing money or can gain a competitive advantage like competition info, marketing material, info about potential new customers, foto material, etc.
MOLP is a base to optimize business processes in the company and to be more efficient and faster with decisions.

MOLP – your remote control for a field team

It fits to businesses with field personnel and recurring tasks

  • Manufacturers and distributors of foods, FMCG, clothes,
    electronics, tools, etc.
  • Retail stores
  • Security and patrol companies
  • Express and delivery businesses
  • Service companies (installation and maintenance)
  • Hotels service


Do you know what your field employees are doing right now?

Track where your employees are, what are they doing and how efficient their work is. Having this option you could collect new customers locations, orders from stores, reports on the availability of goods and merchandising photo reports.

Other great advantage is that you can actualize information about your goods and marketing materials in stores, as well as databes IN REAL TIME.

Easy solution for work quality control of field personnel

  • Execution monitoring of corporate standards
  • Control of the location of field staff using geolocation
  • Optimization of audit costs. Reducing the time to perform audit
  • Data and photos

A useful tool to perform work reports and the possibility of using his own familiar smartphone or tablet.

Rapid implementation and no additional equipment to buy

  • MOLP works on any Android (ver. 4.3 +) smartphones and
  • It doesn’t require a permanent internet connection.
  • Flexibly adjusted to your usual tasks and reports.
  • Integrates with your ERP and CRM systems.

You are interested and would like to learn more? Please, feel free to ask us.