Pahtum is an ancient game of wits and thoughts. The oldest gameboards were discovered in
Mesopotamia and Assyria dated about 1800 BC. Arkkadia, a prosperous and peaceful planet, is in turmoil. After many years of guidance by the wise
Ardios, now retired from his position, the high council has to elect a new Arkkadian leader. As the leader
of your homeland Patrixia you have been invited to the Palace of Wisdom to compete with six other
candidates in the ancient game of PahTum. The winner of the game will so prove his worthiness of being
the successor to the great leader Ardios.
Play against beautiful Lekirri, childish Kernil, alien Cirroon, mad scientist Bugool, rational Spheerius or
Mahputam, master of AI. Each of them has special abilities that he will use against you. By winning the
tournament, you conquer all lands and become a new leader of Arkkadia.